The nativity scene path with winter forest on the outside of the huts - opposite the Hypobank - fits perfectly into the pre-Christmas ambience of the Salzburg Christmas market and invites you to look at the artistically crafted figures. The illuminated display cases with the nativity scenes cause many visitors to simply stop for a moment and admire the nativity scenes.

The Grödig nativity scene building association presents its nativity scene daily with 9 nativity scenes on the outside of Residenzplatz on the St. Michael's Church side.

The Grödig nativity scene building association around chairman Herbert Skalicky has made it its mission to maintain the nativity scene and to promote nativity scene building. But the religious and educational values ​​that are closely linked to the nativity scene should not only be conveyed to young people.

The Grödig nativity scene building association is a member of the umbrella organization of Austrian nativity scene friends based in Innsbruck. This has existed for more than seven decades and now has more than 10.000 members across Austria.
It is understood that organizations and institutions can only last in the long term if the spirit from which they were created continues to work strongly when the situation at the beginning is still present.

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